Corporate Partners

We are Proud to Partner with These Organizations

We were born and raised in Lubbock. West Texas truly is home to our company.

Therefore, we take corporate social responsibility personally.

Our corporate partnerships aren’t just handshakes in front of cameras, they are strong relationships with a mutual commitment to provide a positive impact for West Texas and the Panhandle.

Whether by helping Texas Tech University and its mission to provide its students with the best campus to facilitate higher learning, or teaming with a local charity to ensure that infrastructure plans are made responsibly and with intentionality towards improving living conditions for all, our corporate partnerships represent the absolute best.

Texas Tech University

J Ferg is proud to be a corporate partner with Texas Tech University through the Athletics Department, School of Engineering, and School of Architecture. This partnership allows J Ferg to support the entire athletic department financially and philanthropically. Alongside our strategic partnership with Procore, we are additionally able to partner with both the Texas Tech School of Engineering and Architecture by providing mentorships, lectures, and positive influences in student’s fields of interest. We believe that by helping build these students up, the future of our industry will continue to flourish and innovate.


As a strategic partner with ProCore, we are able to offer a higher level of customer service and project management, ensuring the best possible success in every level of a project. As the regions only strategic partner with Procore, we are able to stay on top of cutting edge industry innovations that additionally allows us to provide all of our clients with the same advantage.

We are a proud cornerstone corporate sponsor of West Texas A&M University. We believe in the future of our region’s youth and are happy to be able to put our mark in West Texas history through J Ferg Field at Buffalo Stadium.

As partners and fans of inagural season of the Amrillo SodPoodles, we have been proud to be a part of bringing baseball back to Amarillo. The SodPoodles have seen tremendous success in their inaugural year, and have been able to give back to the community in various philanthropic efforts.